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Introducing Chef Kumar

Chef Kumar, graduated from Culinary Institute of America with Hornor; trained under Great European Chef’s; lived in Italy for 4 years and had trained under Moma Rose in south east part of Sicily; returned to America and worked as an Executive Chef for Hyatt Regency, Hilton, and Marriott corporations.

He also earned his MBA and trained in Food Nutrition while he was working in Health Care Division at different nursing homes and Hospitals; as well as when he was in Food Service Division and worked at colleges and universities.

To stay close to his family Chef Kumar opened Maggio’s Bistro in Clearwater Florida and worked with his wife, Diane. This down to Earth “House Wife” was graduated from San Francisco State University in dietetic and was working in hospitals before they met. Together, they raise 12 year old Justin and 4 year old Jocelyn as healthy and as smart as any parent can wish for their kids.

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Owner Chef Kumar has worked all over the country as an executive chef for major hotels, country clubs, resorts and restaurants. He has experience working with international cuisine and everything including creative ice sculptures. Our cooking styles are French, Italian, California, and Indian as well as Vietnamese refinements.

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